1 Day Print and Build – Egyptian Jackal Statue

So get this, my mother-in-law has these two little dog things… we’re not entirely sure they’re dogs because on one hand they resemble little bats, but on the other… they look just like the Egyptian statues of Anubis or the Jackal. So being a smartass I decided to find one of my old 3D models and tweak it some to print her a replica of the actual Anubis/Jackal statue. All said and done, printing took about 8 hours, I was REALLY worried about the ears but they turned out fine. I split the file into 3 pieces so I could print it without supports ( I really hate using supports and wasting material, not to mention the extra time ). There’s the main body, the lower head, and the top of the head. Very little postwork was done since I wanted to keep a sort of grained stone texture to the whole thing. All in all I’m pleased with the result and now for the funny part…. her little jackal dogs are afraid of it.