2021 – The Child of 2020 or Revenge of 2020

As of the time of this post I am presently stuck at home, shamelessly whoring myself and my 3D printers out to whoever I can to try and make money to cover my bills. Why you might ask? Because of some stupid new rule at work that is preventing me from getting back to work because some new overseer program is slow and not communicating amongst themselves. Think I said that without going into to much detail that would get me fired.

So with that out of the way how ya’ll doing? I’m not doing to bad at all after my migraine incident that started off the year with a mighty kick in the nads. Wife is doing good, kids are fine and officially grown now. Boomer is trying his new career as a head warmer out ( he likes to sleep on the pillows at night wrapped around my head ).

State of the workshop… well let’s give it a rundown on all platforms:

  • Computer – Had a main drive fail which caused me to have to go and buy a new hard drive then spend a week getting all the information from the original drive organized and setup on the new drive and get it all installed and back up and running. Good news is the computer is back up and running better and faster than ever with 8 terabytes of storage now available for files and whatever else I decide to load onto this beast.
  • 3D Printers – MARS Base is running at 66% with one of the SLA printers down and waiting on a new LCD screen to arrive tomorrow. It’s a consumable and with the amount of printing I’ve been doing it comes as no surprise. Went ahead and changed the FEP film on all my tanks and did general maintenance on MARS 1 since it was down. Presently have the Aurora as part of MARS Base and it’s cranking out terrain for the wife and local game shop.
  • The Workshop – Still in a state of disrepair, the new gaming table is built and in the back of the shop where it needs to be, just need some decent weather and a couple of good days where I can get out there and do some more cleaning and organizing of things. Still need to hang the ceiling panels which will get those out of the way also. Several of the carts need new wheels. Need to just do some spring cleaning really.

So that’s where we are now in regards to the year and what has happened, what’s going on and what needs to be done. So what am I doing at the moment? For that you’ll have to check out some later posts I will make this week… or should I just say “Spoilers”.

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