3D Files – Team Yankee Soviet VDV

UPDATE January 4th, 2023: This is now going to be a dead project. The models are free, you’re free to use them but I won’t be working on these anymore. Instead I will be making better ones, some will be free while others will be available for sale. Enjoy !!!

Here we have the Soviet VDV that I designed for myself at the end of last year. There’s several different poses, a couple of females, and a couple of K9’s all of which are part of the VDV. I’ve also included the BMD-1 I worked up for them to tool around the battlefield on.

There were two reasons for wanting to print infantry… one was because I was told it wasn’t possible to which I thought “hold my beer…” and you see where we are now… The other was that after handling several different 15mm models, I just wasn’t that thrilled with the quality. They all looked like chubby little blobs of plastic or metal with twisted faces, missing fingers, sometimes missing appendages altogether, and other things that just got to be tiresome.

Since everyone likes to print things differently I’m not including anything but the models themselves so you are free to print them however you want. I’ve found it best to rock them backwards about 40 degrees and use light supports in Chitubox and this works really well on my Elegoo Mars. When removing the supports it is VERY important to snip them off instead of pulling to prevent ripping off parts of the models.

3D Printed Soviet VDV Gremlin AA stand

What’s in the Box:

  • VDV Pose 1 through 5: AK-74 Rifles
  • VDV Pose 6 Prone with PKM
  • VDV Pose 7: Female with RPG-7
  • VDV Pose 8: Female kneeling with RPG-7
  • VDV Pose 9: Female kneeling with SA-14 Gremlin
  • VDV K9 Pose 1
  • VDV K9 Pose 2
  • VDV BMD-1
  • Base Hole Filler

Below you will find the ZIP file for download, click on the link to download the files included. The archive is password protected however, here’s the password: Hunt4RedOktober

By downloading these files you agree that they are for personal use only and you will not sell them, share them, give them away, etc. etc. etc… you know the drill. The files are mine and I am sharing them with you, just use them for yourselves. Click the link below to download the file:


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