3D Models being Printed Soon

So as I mentioned I joined this group on Facebook that utilizes crowdfunding and freelance 3D Modelers to deliver high quality 3D models at a fraction of the cost an average Joe/Jane might pay. Soooooooo now I’m like a crackhead and getting all these models… here’s a preview of some models I’ve purchased and will be printing in the near future.

Beaker and Bunsen from the Muppets
Galactus – And yes, it’s gonna be HUGE !!!
Popeye the Sailor Brute
Jessica Rabbit

And there’s more, some I’ve got but haven’t messed with like Princess Mononoke, Cable, Cyclops, Slimer, and a big diorama featuring a Spartan fighting an Athenean.

So keep an eye out as I’ll be printing my butt off while working on the shop and posting updates on both as I go along.