3D Printed KV128 Stormsurge

So I’ve got this friend who plays Tau and he wanted a Stormsurge, problem is, the model is $150 by itself not including me assembling and painting it. So I got my mind to working and found a few places that talked of an OBJ file of the Stormsurge. Once I had that in my hands it was all over. While this model was never meant to be printed I managed to force it out and it doesn’t look half bad at all. I already have plans to refine the model, clean up some of the primitives it has randomly sticking out of places and adjusting others that don’t fit quite right…. oh, and add arms to it. All said and done this took roughly 2 weeks to get completely printed and assembled. Needless to say this thing is a real beast and it’s only marginally smaller than a Warhound Titan. Reminds me of the day of old when I would field my custom Squat Leviathan which in and of itself took up a good portion of the tabletop.