3D Printed Sheep for the Falklands?

As we all know I like to take on the odd and unusual jobs… this time my friends at Level Up Gaming in Pensacola,FL hit me with a request for 400+ 1:100 or 15mm scale sheep to be used as scatter terrain for the recreation of the Falklands which was populated with nothing but penguins and sheep. The penguins, over 400 of them as well, were delivered last week.

So how does one go about printing 400+ 15mm sheep? You start by scaling the model to the appropriate dimensions which is more or less an eyeball things because sheep do come in various sizes, waist high being a good place to start. For reference I loaded up one of my Soviet VDV soldiers and sunk the base down so his feet were level and then scaled the sheep.

One of the requests for these sheep was they not all be the same, have some looking left, some looking right, and some looking forward. So there you have them in the pic above.

Now, to get them printed and make sure I kept an even amount of each, I kept them in groups of three with one of each and then started loading the build plate for the Peopoly in Chitubox. Autosupports worked just fine and put one support under each hoof, one under the belly, one under the chin and finally one under the tail. I was able to get away with light supports which made taking them off the supports a breeze.

So there you have it, over 400 sheep all waiting to be removed from their supports. I was able to make it in 2 passes on the Peopoly… think there’s actually something like 480 in total. Anyhow, to give you a real idea of the scale… check this out:

That’s two of them sitting on a dime… yup, they’re that small and I am thankful I’m not the one that has to paint all of these adorable little buggers. So there you have it… 400+ adorable little sheep all 3D printed. I wonder if this qualifies as a record or something for so many miniatures in a certain time frame… cuz to do this took 6 hours total, 3 hours each pass.

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