3D Printed Tiny Potion Bottles

One decorative aspect I see on a lot of Steampunk costumes and Plague Doctor costumes are these tiny little bottles. Often times they’re clear, sometimes they’re amber colored but very rarely. Colored bottles seem to be in very high demand but are also very very hard to find. Not anymore !!!

I got to poking around the internet and saw some bottle files, but wasn’t thrilled with them so I came up with my own and decided to print some out with the rest of the transparent green resin I had for the SLA printer. They turned out perfectly !!! I also learned that by drying them with a towel and giving them a light wipe I could make them frosted which gives them an even more aged look.

Now from here the possibilities are quite literally endless. With the addition of some simple little labels it’s possible to turn these little bottles into all kinds of accessories for a wide range of niches. Simply changing the color of the resin I use… clear, green, red, think I saw a yellow, and I’ve got even more uses !!!

But back to the labels. I made a sheet of labels based on some old printable files I designed several years back, scaled them down to fit on these bottles and then just slapped them on the bottles with some stick glue to see if they would fit and look right ( I’ll use a more permanent adhesive in the future ). I have to say these are awesome !!!

Now let’s talk about cost. The cost of 8 bottles of similar size, made of clear glass, without a cork, was $10.00 and I know this because I had just purchased some. These bottles cost me…. wait for it…. $0.75 to print 12 of them !!! That’s right… TWELVE bottles cost me SEVENTY-FIVE cents worth of resin to create !!!

Now to make some REALLY unique stoppers and tops for these. Plans do call for me to offer these bottles for sale in the shop so keep an eye for them in the near future. I have to get the other 3D printer here and get more resin here so I can start building up some inventory. They’ll come with access to the labels at no extra charge so that will be a plus !!!

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