8th Infantry Generations Project and Where The F#$% Have I Been ?!?!

Alright, first things first… work has been kicking me in my nether regions with a vengeance. Long days, thankless nights, odd days off that get spaced apart so all I do is come home and sleep and then I wind up with long weekends where all I do is play catch up. That’s where I’m at right now, playing catch up. This time however, I’ve made some progress and was even able to actually get down to the game store and play a couple of games. Might be able to squeeze one more in before I go to back to work, we shall see. Which brings me to the next part of this post…

In playing the Team Yankee game by Battlefront, there’s a predecessor to the game called Flames of War which takes place during World War II. This is of interest to me because I’ve always been fascinated by the great wars and, the unit I served with in the Army was the 8th Infantry Division, which took part in the invasion of Normandy. No, I wasn’t there for that, it took place quite some time before I even enlisted.

Given the history of the 8th Infantry I have chosen to expand my gaming to include a Flames of War force built around the 8th Infantry Division as well as a Team Yankee force built around them as well. This spans the generations and will give me two forces with two distinct sets of vehicles, troops, and operational tactics, but with the same overall function. So I’ve already started on both forces, long way to go before they’ll be playable and I have a LOT of painting to do on them as they are infantry units which means LOTS of little friggin infantry stands…. oh joy…. 15mm infantry.

But yeah, work and catching up have been what is up. Couple of things have been worked on with my “free” time to include the following list, which I will get pictures of at some point:

  • Israeli F-15
  • Israeli CH-53
  • Soviet Mi-24 Hind D
  • Soviet Mi-24 Hind A
  • German Gotha Go 242 Glider
  • Soviet Mi-8 Hip

And there’s just wow, so much going on really… I need to just slow the hell down and finish things and get my desk cleaned off and work on things one at a time. All 6 printers are working overtime and I’ve got orders popping up all the time now so it’s a constant battle between comfort and workspace these days.

Then toss in the pretty that arrived today, got myself a brand new airbrush kit and have been playing with that, experimenting with painting up some East German T-55 AM2’s for my wife so she can start playing Team Yankee with me on those days I get stood up.

I also just received some long awaited decals to finish up some of Israeli aircraft and a few vehicles so I will be working on those as well. Two days left and I need to work on the deck outside and some yard work as well as repair my kayaks and build a stand for them to rest in while not in use outside.

So much to do, so little time, and zero fucks given lol… I’ll get it done when I get it done and that’s that.

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