9K22 Tunguska’s, VDV Gremlins, and more…

So I have gone way down the Team Yankee rabbit hole… so far down to the point I am addicted and making my own vehicles for the game, some of which don’t even have rules yet and some of which have rules that will be released later this month.

The 9K22 Tunguska is one of those vehicles. It’s got the nickname “Terminator” because not only does it boast twin AA guns, but it also packs twin SAM launchers. Designed to provide cover against aircraft, the Tunguska is a devastating machine…. and now I have 4 of them lol.

Following the Tunguska’s is my own brew of infantry. I wanted to have something different on the field, something nobody else would have. That being said I dug around in my toolbox and came up with a way to take some 3D rendering tools I had, along with models, mash them all together, pose them, export them, tweak them, slice them, and print them. The end result… my own Soviet VDV Special Forces Infantry group. But I couldn’t stop there… in trolling for reference pics I came across a few images of women in the VDV, and K9’s…

Soviet VDV Woman

So having female Special Forces on the field is awesome by itself, but I chose to have them toting the Gremlin’s and RPG’s !!! Yeah, that’s right, piss them off and see what happens.

Soviet VDV SA-14 Gremlin Team

Here’s an pic of the models as I was working on some of them along with the BMD I built for them to tool around in. There’s also the K9’s that go along with them.

Raw 3D models of the Soviet VDV Special Forces with BMD-1 and K9’s

Not wanting to stop the whole creative flow of things I even went so far as to make my own dice for the game, something just a little different that I can print out en masse and have available when the 39+ rockets get fired off at once or the LMG’s decide to open up.

Soviet themed D6

Oh what else is there…. here’s some more random things I’ve made and I’m presently working on. Some of them I will try to find a place for in the game, others might just be objectives or terrain features… never know…

So yeah… When I have a spare moment I tend to work on either a model or painting something. Lately work has been long and unforgiving so I haven’t really been able to commit to any major projects. One thing coming up that the wife has demanded is that I convert a portion of the workshop into a gaming area for the family and my friends to use.

And with that, I am off to Harbor Fright to see what trouble I can get into today…got my new tool porn catalog and I think I deserve some new stuff lol. In the meantime while I go do that, here’s a funny for the day…

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