A Bit of Relaxation… New Objective Markers

Oddly today was pleasant. I went out to meet what I am thinking will be my new friend, a large 15 year old Percheron stallion named “LB” and I think I like him. He’s pretty cool and needs some TLC but he seems like a good solid horse.

Work went well and when I came home I decided to sit down and putter on the computer and design and put together some new objective markers for Flames of War and Team Yankee. I’ve got one of them printing right, the Porta-Potty one and I’ll get the others setup and ready to print probably tomorrow. I have to work an evening shift but then I’m off on Monday and can do some work on those.

I have plans also to work on the back yard and get more solid structures built for the horses especially if we’re going to be bringing LB into the mix. I find that nice and relaxing as well and the heat doesn’t even seem to bother me these days. So yeah.

Here’s some pics of the renderings for the objectives I’ve made so far. Two of them are based on previously released models by Battlefront that I can’t seem to find anywhere but I’ve made them different enough there shouldn’t be any issues especially in regards to the Back to the Future 3 piece set.

The Porta-Potty one is just about finished printing, looks like about another half hour and I’ll be able to get it cleaned up and cured. That’s one’s going to be fun to paint up and finish.

As always if you’re interested, keep checking back for updates on this project and others !!!

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