A Dance with the Vampires

Something I’ve kind of been waiting for has been a whole set of Vampire oriented miniatures and this month Heroes Infinite delivers just that with their monthly Patreon subscription. Remember, for $10 you can get this set and if you choose to stay subscribed you can keep getting cool sets like this every month.

Disclaimer: I am not in anyway affiliated with Heroes Infinite or Raging Heroes, nor am I being paid or compensated for this post or my views. I hold my stance on not having sponsorships or paid advertisement so I am free to say what I want and give honest reviews.

Now that all the nitty gritty stuff is out of the way, let’s have a look at this months lineup starting with the promo video…

Yeah, wowzers… here’s a pic in case you missed anything or want to see things in slow motion:

A Dance with the Vampires Full Lineup

So as you can see, once again Heroes Infinite delivers a massive bundle of miniatures for you to print, at a price that is way less than buying them off the shelf. I think you might be able to get one Games Workshop miniature for the price this subscription costs… if you’re lucky.

Looking over all of the figures I’ve downloaded they all seem to follow suit with past releases and will easily fit onto the Elegoo Mars build plate with some creative placement. I choose to do my own supports but they do offer you the option to download the miniatures pre-supported.. oh what’s that? Another bonus reason to subscribe? How bout on more… there’s also 31 extra decorative bases you can use with other miniatures to create a homogeneous looking character set for your campaigns.

So yeah, yet again, they deliver and don’t let me down and I can’t wait to get printing this set. I have to first get my printers all working together and finish up some orders and build up stock for sale.

So if this set is something you want to get, head on over there with this link and get on board and stay subscribed so you don’t miss a release.


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