Almost there….

Coming up on the end of my long stretch in hell… tomorrow will be day 11 with no AC at work, no day off, and I am soooooo ready for it to be over. Basically I go in, get my work done, and get home tired and just veg in front of the computer.

But all is not wasted… I’ve been playing some, working on stuff for Team Yankee.

My first bit of show and tell is the VDV Air Assault Unit

Still have some tweaking to do on the infantry to get them to print right but there’s only 2 of them that are giving me fits…and yes… those are K9’s with them. There’s also a BMD-1 to scoot them around the field once they’re on the ground.

Up next we have the TOS-1 Buratino “Flamethrower” for those moments when one rocket is just not enough… you need 30 of them !!!

I am planning to make the loader to go along with this as it is considered a packaged unit that consists of the weapon and loader.

Helping get troops around the field and providing support is the BTR-80

This one was fun to make up as there was just so much reference material for it and what really made it fun was how it reminds me of the vehicles from that old movie “Damnation Alley”. Yes, I’m that old…

I’ve got a few other things I’m working on so time isn’t being wasted, just not being used as proficiently as it could be. Hoping to get out of town tomorrow for a bit and go hang out with some gamers and show off my toys and learn how to actually play the game some.

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