Bad Ass Nuns for This is Not a Test

Recently I was tasked to create a set of miniatures for a friend that wanted some nuns with a specific set of weapons. Seemed like a fairly simply task right… nope, talk about a complete pain in the rear end. First was finding an outfit that looked good and fit the bill, then was finding the weapons to fit the bill, then was getting them all put together and posed. This project went way above and beyond what I was expecting and became quite habit forming ( pun intended ).

So here are the nuns ready to be printed, I’m about to toss them into the Peopoly to see what they look like. Might have to do some tweaking on them to get them to print right with the swords being so thing, we’ll see. I’m still in the process of getting through this crappy Elegoo Translucent Resin that I’ve noticed a lot have been complaining about lately, makes me wonder if it was just a bad batch or something. I’ve mixed it with my tried and true Siraya Tech Simple and have gotten some prints to come out by increasing the exposure times, just means everything takes twice as long to print now.

So we have a bunch of cheesed off nuns dual wielding swords, one with a sniper rifle, and one with an LMG… what could go wrong with this lot ??? God have mercy on the poor souls that mess with these ladies.

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