BCS – Boomer Containment System

So last year we had to have my service dog put down because of a massive tumor that invaded the entire right side of his head. To fill the void my wife went out and bought me a much smaller, football sized dog similar to the one I grew up with. That’s right… a Miniature Dachshund.

Having an affinity for Battlestar Galactica and other sci-fi shows, something urged me to name him Boomer after one of the main characters of the series I watched as a kid. Since then he has become a very integral part of the family and goes most places with us, even now he’s sitting on the edge of the bed looking at me as I write this post.

There’s always been one spot he’s never really been able to go simply because I can’t keep an eye on him and make sure he’s safe and that’s been my shop. My wife also said that if I had a way to keep Boomer out there she would come out and hang with me more… and so the Boomer Containment System was made.

The BCS is an over complicated way of saying a little fence. It’s roughly thigh high and more than adequate to keep Boomer safe and I don’t have to worry about large birds or other forest animals running off with him.

It’s all made from reclaimed lumber, the slats were cut down from 2×6’s and 2×8’s into 1/4″ thick slats then nailed to a 2×4 along the bottom and capped off with a 2×2 into which a channel had been routed for the slats to fit into before they were nailed in place. The corners are made reclaimed 4×4’s left over from when we replaced the picket fence around our property and I have plans to put some little solar powered post lights on top of them to help give light out there in the middle of the night or wee hours of the morning when I head to work and that big glowing thing in the sky hasn’t been turned on yet.

It took me a couple of weeks to get finished simply because work kept getting in the way and when I did have time off it was often just spent resting and in other cases I would relax just enough to get called in to work some more. But enough whining, I do love my job most of the time, it can be hectic but all my bills get paid and I have a loving family and a large workshop to play in so what more can a guy want?

I’ve still got to put some more coats of sealer on the wood tomorrow and make some hangers for the centre portion which is designed to be lifted out of the way so we can bring stuff in and out of the shop. It’s plenty wide enough at 95″ for most anything I need to put in the shop including the vehicles. Right now it’s just held in place with a couple of screws. But other than the lights and hangers, it’s up and works, I’ll try to add some pics of Boomer out there tomorrow if the weather allows.

And there we have it, a Boomer Containment System.