Black Widow Cosplay Build for Menja

Okay, so I have three 3D printers, a job that provides me with the means to get filament and stuff for my projects, and a smoking hot wife that is willing to let me dress her up…. can you see where this is heading ??? I’ve always been a fan of the MCU and have loved the Avengers movies ( can’t wait to see Black Widow get her own movie ). Naturally I’m not going to dress up as any of the females so enter the wife. All that said now I am in the process of printing out several things for various costumes, one of which is the Black Widow costume from Infinity War. Kicking that build off is these pieces here: Black Widow Batons: Black Widow Armour: Black Widow Backpack: Black Widow Belt Kit: Black Widow Bites: There are some other pieces from other places that may or may not get used, if I do use them I’ll be sure to post links to them. Right now I’m working on building a decent 3D model of the Glock 26 which is the sidearm Black Widow carries. Pics of everything will be coming soon as I get time to work on things and load em up. Black Widow Batons – Progress: So there’s LOTS of pieces to the batons, but it’s all worth it in the end as the look is almost spot on and the model linked above also incorporates room for you to light them up which I’ve done differently than the creator describes as I opted for some EL wire instead of an arduino setup. The blue pieces are printed out of Polycarbonate which is a high temp thermal plastic that’s commonly known as Lexan or just Polycarb and is used for all kinds of high impact applications including body armour. I went with the translucent blue to help accentuate any lighting I put in there and to keep it looking blue when it wasn’t turned on. The rest was printed in my usual ABS and sanded, painted with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Metallic paint.