Black Widow’s Stun Batons Revisited

It’s been quite some time since I 3D printed and painted these up so just to recap… Everything is printed in ABS except for the blue parts which are printed in blue polycarbonate so even when they aren’t lit up they look nice hanging on the wall.

Well this morning the wife and I were at Walmart and I saw these little boxes of LED’s and decided what the hell, they were only $5.00 and looked like something fun to play with.

Well I got one string across the top of my desk and they make a nice mood light. Then I got to chillaxing and noticed the batons on top of the desk and put two and two together…. literally.

Right now I just have one side lit up and I fed it through on a piece of wood to make sure I could push the string all the way through since they’re quite flexible and what do ya know, it went all the way and wow. So here’s a pic and quick little video of the lights going through the different settings.

I’ll definitely be following this up in the very near future and finishing these with battery power !!!