Bringing “life” to the Playing Field – Rotation Magnets from Green Stuff

Okay, before I begin this post properly I need to explain why it’s been so long since I posted, and I believe I can sum it up with two words… #$%^ COVID !!! For the expanded explanation, 75% of the employees I work with had to be quarantined for exposure which left myself and two others to run the store and the two others could not work days so guess what that meant… that’s right, happy go lucky me every day at the ass crack of dawn till the middle of the day. So yeah, work kept me busy and largely away from the fun stuff.

So now onto the fun stuff, literally… well green stuff…. one day while at my quasi local game store ( it’s actually about an hour away ) I noticed some different magnets on the shelf and grabbed some. Here’s the link to them:

So I hijacked one their pictures so you can see what they are better. There’s a sphere and a disc, the disc is dished out on one side which allows the sphere to sit inside it. This mating allows for a rotational effect that lets you position your spaceship, aircraft, jetpack soldier, etc. in a variety of poses to represent something they might be doing in relation to the game. I think they’re really friggin’ cool to be honest. So far I’ve managed to use them on some of my planes with great success.

They work REALLY well with my flight stands I designed because the sphere actually rests right inside the top so just a dab of CA glue, spritz with the setter, and it’s on there. Check out those Warhawks banking to attack !!!

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