Bringing things together…

So as you might have figured out by now if you’ve been following me at all, I like to do a LOT of things in regards to crafts and hobbies. Now it’s time to start tying them all together as many of my projects overlap in regards to tools, processes, etc..

Tonight I MIGHT be uploading another video or early tomorrow if I can get it rendered. This video was a pain in the arse to do because one camera died on me so there’s missing footage, then I forgot to turn the other one on and missed stuff… but I think I was able to capture the concept of the project enough to share it so others can do something similar.

In this video I am making a leather book cover to help protect one of my valued paperback books, “The Pocket Havamal”. This is a book I have been grabbing almost daily and just reading a few verses of… trying to find focus and remember things long lost in these trying times. This book also goes along with another paperback I have, “The Poetic Edda” which also has the Havamal in it but the entire book is rather awkward to tote around hence the pocket version.

The one key item in this video that brings many of my crafts together is the leather stitching pony from Episode One, the video that kicked all this off. It showcased some woodworking and assists me in my leather working. So I have made a tool to help me make more stuff lol.

Right now, I am trying to find focus. I’m supposed to be staying up as late as possible because I go back to the night shift tomorrow night and need to get on that schedule for this week… the problem is, I have soooooo many things I can do and work on that my mind is in critical meltdown mode and I can’t focus on any one thing. This causes me to get aggravated at every little thing and doesn’t bode well for a peaceful and relaxing night.

So I thought I might start things off with a post, about a video, that may or may not make it to the channel… have to see what footage I have and how I can piece it together. Here’s a pic of both books now with their bindings on:

Both of the covers are made from premium vegetable tanned leather. The larger one has a 10 oz. outer cover and 4 oz. inner where the book cover slides into. The smaller one is completely made of 4 oz.. Both of them were tooled by little old me so they’re not perfect by any sense of the word simply because I haven’t actually tooled any leather in a VERY long time. But they look great to me and I will use them well. Here’s a shot of the stitching pony in use:

And there you have it, that’s where I am right now… well I’m at the computer typing about what I did this afternoon… but it will lead into more tonight if I don’t just give up and grab some sleep. Annoyed and frustrated does not go well with projects as you tend to make mistakes and then REALLY get annoyed and frustrated… hence “The Pocket Havamal” lol.

So keep an eye on the site here and on the channel as things might change and I find my focus for the night and can actually get some stuff finished.

UPDATE 8-4-20: Yeah, that worked…. NOT !!! So what you’re going to see if the process right up to the stitching part… which, after that is completed you’re pretty much done anyhow so nothing really missing there. I knocked out the sound because apparently I forgot to charge up my new wireless sound gear and all you hear was background noise from the house as I talked with the wife and dogs barking at frogs on the window. I replaced it with some nice nature sounds, so there’s no talking in this one, just some text blurbs tossed in here and there. The video is rendering now and once it’s finished I’ll get it uploaded for ya.

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