#BuildAtHome – DIY Plywood Desk Light for my Wife

So one of the women I follow on YouTube, DIYHuntress, got together with some other makers to start the #BuildAtHome challenge. The rules are pretty simple… you can only use scrap wood and stuff you have in your workshop. Easy enough… so for the next few days I am embracing this challenge and making all kinds of things, one of which is the desk light for my wife.

Now in all transparency I shot this last week on my days off so I’m ahead of the game a bit but fell under the weather and I’m just now getting my wind in the sails to move about and do things including sitting down to render videos and stuff. So this wasn’t specifically made for the challenge but it does meet all the criteria and timing so yeah.

It was a bit different than mine as I was able to get my hands on a proper hole cutter for the drill press which made doing this accurately a LOT easier.

I then drilled holes in each corner and pushed the pieces down onto some dowels I put in the holes and just spaced the pieces out. I didn’t even need to use glue for this as the fit was nice and tight so that made things easier.

The bulb fit perfectly inside and this was such a breeze to build. I think once I get some things sorted out I will start making some stuff like this and offering it for sale here on the site.

So without any further guilding the lily, here’s the light I made for her…

And of course there’s a video coming of this build that’s rendering now. I’ve got so many things I’ve got to finish up. Ya’ll are gonna have videos for weeks to come which is good given the stated of the world.

So if you’re up for some fun and want to possibly challenge yourself, head out into the shop and #BuildAtHome !!!