Changing Gears a Bit

So first off… I’m sooooo sorry for not posting, making videos, or doing much of anything lately. Work has kept me busy to the point when I come home all I want to do is sleep and the temperatures have kept me from working in the shop when I do finally get a day off.

That being said… I have changed gears a little and been working on creating a little indoor workstation that will allow me to do small projects in the house, at the moment leather crafts. It has a laptop so I can watch YouTube videos as I work/follow tutorials, several drawers and parts bins, and it allows me to plop my arse on the floor and work on things.

Now… as fate would have it also, my shop outside is a disaster. The heat kept me from going out to work and it’s kind of gotten messy. Toss on top of that, I now have the solution to the heat problem presently taking up a fair portion of the shop. For Father’s Day this year I was given the wood I need to do the ceiling in the shop as well as a much larger air conditioner that will make it infinitely more comfortable out there. Just have to figure out how I want to install the ceiling and then get the days off to do it properly.

So as it stands right now I’ve assembled a fair collection of tools for working on leather projects in the house and with that comes a whole bunch of neat and interesting things. As some of you know, I love working with leather and I love Steampunk, and I am now in love with the tutorials and templates of a gentleman in Romania that I will share a link to in another post.

With the creation of the little indoor workstation and collection of tools, I am now able to get back into working with leather for a while regardless of the temperatures outside. As I said, I can plop my arse on the floor and go to town on all kinds of things. Presently I’m making masks for friends but I have also made a couple of Pork Pie Hats just to get back in the swing of working with leather.

So I ask that ya’ll bear with me just a bit as I finish getting things setup to work indoors and make some videos in the house. This will also allow me to demonstrate the use of the leather stitching pony from Episode One that I made… you didn’t honestly think I wouldn’t put that to use did ya? It’s about to become a very valuable tool for me.

Following this will be a few posts about the tools and stuff I have collected for working inside, along with links and reviews of the products I have purchased for this in case anyone else finds themselves in a similar situation and is looking for a way to remain productive.