COVID-19 – What to do during the Coronavirus Pandemic

First and foremost let me just say I am in no way an expert on this but I do have some experience in the medical field as well as NBC training from the military. The one thing I can tell you to keep you and yours safe during this pandemic…. STAY YOUR ASS HOME UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY !!!

Part of the problem lately is everyone running around to places like Sam’s, Costco, Walmart, etc. to buy supplies that they will never even need. They’re putting them in harms way, increasing population density and increasing the risk of contact with someone who is infected. STAY HOME !!!

That being said, what can you do when the world is running amok?

Head into your workshop and do something !!! Here’s a quick little list of things you can do to keep occupied:

  • Clean up your workspaces
  • Build something
  • Make templates
  • Clean tools – kinda goes with the first one
  • Restore antique handplanes
  • Watch YouTube videos then go do something new
  • Make YouTube videos
  • Start a blog and post articles

And each of those items can be broken down even further into smaller sections to keep you busy for days, weeks, or even months on end. If you’re anything like me I know you’ve got some scrap lumber, leather hides, fabric, hand planes to restore, etc.. There’s no need to go out and buy supplies because you’ve got them all laying about already.

Sadly for me being in a management position where I work, I have to leave the house until such time as they tell me we’re closing. But yeah, stay home, work around the house and shop and just relax knowing you’re not contributing to the pandemic and you’re keeping yourself out of harms way.

If you want to take it a step further make sure you’re washing all your clothes, dishes, etc.. Use hand sanitizer and avoid people in general. Things like this spread because people gather, it’s human nature and society is designed with focal points like grocery stores, theatres, malls, etc.. These are all places where dozens or hundreds of people can come together and potentially… let me retract that, there is no potential, the chances of spreading are drastically increased. So avoid them.

Again, I am no expert but the limited knowledge I do have on things like this tell me that I just need to stay home and not go out unless absolutely necessary. There’s a reason all these places are closing early or altogether.

So in closing, stay home, work around the house or in the shop. It’s a great time to tackle that honey-do list, work on upgrades in the shop, etc..

Stay safe and I’ll see you all on YouTube in a few days. I’m off today and tomorrow so we’ll see what sort of trouble I can get into.