Doctor Who – Alpha Meson Blaster

In trying to keep my collection of Doctor Who props growing I like to sit and surf the web for things, look through the comics and books, and make things with my 3D printers or other media. One thing I noticed a while back was that the Alpha Meson blaster sported by River Song is not the only one around. Although River shows it off in at least 3 episodes ( Day of the Moon, The Big Bang, and The Pandorica Opens ), there’s one other episode where the Alpha Meson blaster can be seen and that’s in Gridlock carried by Milo and Cheen when they kidnap Martha. Now the only difference between the ones in Gridlock and the one River sports aside from the colour is the “scope” on top. Check out River using hers in these screencaps below Now something else that’s a bit fuzzy for me is an entry in a book that shows a black Alpha Meson blaster similar to Milo and Cheen’s but it’s attributed to Novice Hame ( the cat lady ). I want to say I saw it in Gridlock as well when she’s going through the cars to find the Doctor but couldn’t pinpoint the exact point in the episode to grab a screencap.