Doctor Who – Paradigm Daleks

Although they never really caught on, what Doctor Who collector/fan wouldn’t be without a set of the new Paradigm Daleks? Not me, so with that in mind I’ve set about printing them out on the DaVinci Duo. To start with I grabbed the most excellent model from Thingiverse here: Now it looks as though this project was abandoned as the STL file is just a single model of the Dalek as a whole. I however, have learned how to split things up on my own and got right to work modifying the parts for printing, hopefully without supports. Since the Paradigm Daleks are bigger it will take some time to print out the 4 main components ( might end up being more depending on how the prints come out as I do them ). Right now I’ve got the bumper being printed, gotta start somewhere so I figured why not start from the ground up? This way I will also be able to build them in layers. Just now thinking if the prints turn out right I might just cast them in resin to finish the set out quickly and easily. We shall see… keep checking back for updates !!