Dune Crysknife – One Day Print and Build

Those who know me know that I absolutely love the 1984 adaptation of the movie “Dune” and to that end I finally got around to making one of the more iconic props from the movie, the Fremen Crysknife. These are the knives made from the teeth of dead sandworms and carried by the Fremen on Arrakis.

The original model for the Crysknife can be found here on Thingiverse: Fremen Crysknife – Dune 1984 by McKrats To better suit my needs I split the model in half and enlarged about one third to completely fit on my Anet A8 print bed diagonally. This made it so I could actually hold it and it didn’t look like a little toy in my hands. You can get the split model here on Thingiverse: Dune Crysknife Split Printing took just about 4 hours for both pieces total, glued them together with super glue and blended the edges and seams. I intentionally left the striations on the blade itself as I felt it gave the knife a more “carved” look and it really does make it distinct. I printed it in ABS, didn’t bother with acetone and went right to some gap filling primer. I then painted it with a dark ivory paint, hit it with some old Games Workshop Fleshwash, and then added about 5 layers of drybrushing to get the desired effect. The silver bits were done with a Metallic Silver Sharpie which worked out great and didn’t make it too shiny or look too fake. Very pleased with the end result and will be displaying this on the new shelves in the living room once they’re built up.