Elegoo Mars – Would I buy it again? I just did!

That’s right, after some talking with the wife and based on demand from friends and customers we decided that it was a wise investment and went ahead and purchased another Elegoo Mars SLA printer. The new printer will be here Sunday and I am looking forward to kicking things into overdrive with both of them cranking out prints.

Some of the reasons I went with this printer for the second time:

  1. Warranty Support – When the LCD screen went out on the first one Elegoo was very prompt in responding to my requests and dispatching a new LCD screen. Now it did take a while to come from China but they did send it and I do have it. It was faster to purchase one off of Amazon so I now have a spare but still, they were quick to respond and issue a replacement.
  2. Free FEP Film – Seems Elegoo considers the FEP Film and LCD Screen as a consumable and covered it under the warranty so I was also sent a pack of free FEP Film.
  3. Ease of use – After a brief period of trial and error I was able to get to printing with little to no failed prints. It really just took me learning how to orient things on the build plate, how to place supports, and what resins I liked, didn’t like, etc..
  4. PERFECT for what I need – Many of the items I am printing for people are small, way to small for the FDM printers to do well, the level of detail just does not translate well with an FDM printer. The SLA printers are capable of delivering a lot more detail at a lot smaller scale and the overall size of the pieces I am printing are smaller so the decreased printer area really isn’t a factor for me.

So yeah, to answer the question “Would I buy it again?” the answer is most definitely “Yes!” and if I need to purchase another one I will.

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