Fate of the New Paradigm Daleks

So whatever happened to the New Paradigm Daleks? For those seriously wondering, it would seem they are alive and well… except for two of them. In the episode The Pandorica Opens, there’s a couple of scenes where there are two stone like Daleks chilling as part of a display, if you look closely, you’ll see they are actually NPD’s As I recall one of these comes alive and River blasts it with her Alpha Meson pistol. So there’s two of them out of the picture. So that leaves 3 more right ??? Nope… let’s look at the episode Asylum of the Daleks and see what’s going on there. In this episode we can see White, Blue, and whole bunch of Reds… think I counted at least 8 throughout the “audience”. That would leave one to surmise that it was Orange and Yellow that were on display in the museum and didn’t make it. So with that we’ll leave on some words from the Moffat man in an interview in which he lays out the fate of the NPD’s   The design of the New Paradigm Daleks proved to be controversial and failed to generate much enthusiasm among fans of the TV series. In 2015, commenting on the introduction of the New Paradigm, Moffat said “Well I suppose if I’m completely honest – and it’s all my fault, no one else’s fault – I don’t think that was a great idea. When I looked at them in person I thought ‘My God, the new Daleks are awesome. they’re so huge and powerful, they’re brilliant.’ But I learned a grave lesson: which is that when you put them on screen, of course, they don’t look bigger, they just make all the other Daleks look smaller.” Moffat stated that the New Paradigm Daleks hadn’t been abandoned, however. “…I now consider them an officer class of Dalek.” “They haven’t gone away. We still have them. But that’s the answer. The answer to most questions I find is that I’ve made a mistake.”