Finished – Dalek and Confession Dial

While waiting for a custom order to come through I was able to work on a couple of projects, one was incredibly simple and the other not so simple. The Doctor’s Confession Dial should probably fall into the 1 day print and build category as it’s a one piece print that took about 4 hours to complete, figure another hour for cleanup then painting and washing. All said and done it came out nice with the gold chrome paint. I gave it a black wash to bring out some more of the detail in the model. I also found a little plate display holder thing I printed to hold it upright. You can get the 3D Model from Thingiverse here: The Doctor’s Confession Dial

The next project was something that I’ve wanted to do for a while and that was a Dalek. The only model I found on Thingiverse that actually appeared to have the detail I wanted is here: Detailed Dalek Model Redrawn It has a LOT of pieces, think there’s like 56 of the little hemispheres that each need a little base ring so right there’s 112 parts that need to be printed. Assembly was pretty straightforward since the Anet has been printing like a champ lately. All said and done I love it and will be making a few more of these to showcase some of the variants over the years and different colours.