Flames of War: Grey Aliens?

During a recent chat on a post over on Facebook there was mention of a list from version 3 for Grey Aliens. Well after days of searching nothing came up, and in fact one search for Grey Aliens in Flames of War kept throwing “Canadians” into the result… I knew there something funny about them.

Anyhow, me being me, I decided to take matters into my own hands and work on not only an army list for this, but also a collection of miniatures in 15mm scale to use with the Flames of War game.

As of this writing I would say I am at about 60% of where I need to be in order to create a working list with options similar to any other army list in the game. Once I have all of the miniature models completed I need to get them printed, painted, and on the table. In order to get them onto the table I need also create the force tree and then stats for everything. So here’s a glimpse of where I am at so far, if you look at the collages you’ll also see the progress made for some of the models.

Since I have the day off and I am pretty much by myself today I figured I would get this post up and get some more done on the models. After I designed the tank unit I decided I also want to go back through some of the models and add more greeblies to give them better detail because there is also a use for this army in other games and I need to scale them at 28mm. So keep checking in on this post, I’ll post updates and pics here so you should be able to get a good idea of where I’m at on this unique and fun to build army.

UPDATE 9-4-22: Took some time to add more to the vehicles for this army and I created an APC, SPG, and a combination AA-AT missile launcher. I think this will about round out the vehicles I’ll be making for them as I honestly wasn’t even sure I wanted vehicles but instead use super heavy troops to carry and make up for the lack of vehicles but then I saw some pics online that made me work on the tank first and now these. Something else that came to mind… now I have to name all these things lol, that should be fun.

I also took some time to think of and rough out what I think will be a fairly well balanced force list based on the models I have already. There might be another infantry option and vehicle choice as I continue to work on this project which would fill the two empty boxes.

I also have some ideas for Command Cards to go along with these guys which should make it a little more interesting and fit into game play better. And here’s a first glimpse of an aircraft unit I just came up to fit into the force… and I think it fits in perfectly for what it will do. This will also be the general idea for the data cards as I work more on all of this… so much to do but it’s so damn exciting to do I just don’t want to stop.

Update 9-5-22: Had a bit of time so I went in and took the model for the fighter, added some more greeblies and tweaked the cockpit some which you can spot the differences in the above pics and the ones below. I wanted this thing to be menacing so it has some pretty sick weapons, but to limit them I made them both one shot.

Here’s what I am thinking for the data card thus far… once I get some more things ironed out and get the time I will playtest this group and see how it goes.

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