FoW: 3D Printing Bulge: American

With the release of the new BULGE: American book for the Flames of War game, there’s a whole bunch of new toys to add to your American forces. If you’re anything like me you want to have a separate Bulge army with all of its own vehicles and perhaps even infantry ( while I may be crazy, I don’t intend to build and paint anymore infantry than I need to ).

So here’s a little bit of a guide for finding some of the models you can use for the game. If I am not mistaken, all of the models are free and can easily be printed in resin and FDM but results won’t be anywhere as nice as printing them in resin.

So let’s start off with this wonderful collection of vehicles to blast your opponents with:

  • *The Sherman’s can all be taken care of with one link but I’ve included it with each model below, TigerAce over on Thingiverse was nice enough to bundle these all into one nice bunch so not only are they are easy to find, but there’s also bonus tanks like Oddball’s tank in there.
  • **Several other vehicles can also be found in one large pack, and the models are often referred to as “Bergman’s”, seems the big zip file is broken due to its size so scroll through and just download the vehicles you want on the page.

Now I included the Super Hellcat for those that like to “look different” on the field hence the reason it’s listed as a BONUS because it’s not actually in the rule book but can easily proxy for a regular Hellcat. There’s also other goodies in many of these packs that the designers/collectors have included so check them and see what fun stuff you can find.

When it comes to getting the scale of things right you can do a search for the vehicle, something like “M7 Priest Length” and it will give you the full size length, from there you can use this nifty little tool I found online: .

Other than that, have fun and get printing !!! I will see what I can do to put together more guides like this for Flames of War, Fate of a Nation, and Team Yankee and the various nationalities… no promises on what and when I will do it though so please DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH !!! You’ll friggin’ pass out or die for sure !!! I will also try to get some pics of the prints I do as I finish them… like I said before, I like to have a whole separate army so it might take a bit although I’ve got a fair headstart already.

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