Gallifrey Guardsman Rifle Revisited

This project has been sitting in the shop for about a year now and it’s high time I do something about it, especially given the new season is about to start in a couple of months and we have the nice new Tardis bookshelf getting loaded up. Not to mention the fact that I now want to cast this in resin so I can either swap out barrels as I choose or cast them in the two  variants I’ve found.

Thanks to a post I found on Deviant Art I was able to make a template to start work on making my rifle for the War Doctor. Here is the project I found on Deviant Art:

References will be the work Chonosfx has done as well as images from the “Day of the Doctor” episode and the Doctor Who Experience with a little bit of “Hell Bent” tossed in to show the variants. Here’s some reference pics I was able to track down, not a lot out there for this particular weapon.

The first step was to create a template from the drawing that Chronosfx shared on DeviantArt. I scaled the image up in Photoshop then printed the pages out, taped them together and began cutting them out. There were two copies made, one provided the inner layers and one was cut further to provide the outer layers.

From there it was all about gluing and taping it down to some foam board and then carefully cutting each of the layers out so they matched as much as possible. A laser cutter would have been something awesome to have at this point.

UPDATE 8-14-18: I’ve decided to scrap the foam board project in favor of a much more manageable and usable 3D printed version that will also allow me to make the modifications for the variants. I’ll post pics of that build once I get some taken of it. This however does not mean the foam board method or template is a bad idea, especially if you don’t have a 3D printer ( or 3 ).

So I mentioned the episode “Hell Bent” earlier and I have  a post somewhere on here that shows there are in fact variations of the Guardsman Rifle, 2 that I’ve identified so far.

If you look at the pics you can clearly see the variants all within the one squad sent to deal with the Doctor.

And here’s the print thus far, it’s waiting until after my surgery to get finished up. The model for this can be found here on Thingiverse: by grimmindustries

Now that I’ve had my surgery and I’m getting back in the saddle and working in the shop more I’ve had time to work on this some more.