Gentleman’s Valet Stand

As of late the wife and I have been doing some reorganizing of the bed room and getting rid of a lot of the clothes that no longer fit me. One of the things we noticed was that when I come home from work my pants get draped over something and then my work shirt goes with it. Well with all the moving and rearranging of the room, there’s not much left for me to drape anything over so I needed something.

I’ve seen them before and I always thought they were called “pant stands” because you typically put your pants over them. I was wrong of course, these nifty little things are actually called a “valet stand” and many of them have varying degrees of complexity such as little drawers, heated pant presses, and coat racks on the back.

Since my woodworking skills aren’t quite up for something to complicated and I don’t ever press my pants, I opted for something much simpler.

Made from some pine and assembled with only glue and pegs as well as a through mortise and tenon with wedges to keep it tight, my valet stand does the job and doesn’t look half bad.