Getting back in the groove… hopefully

As I mentioned last month it looks like, things have gotten a bit…. hectic for lack of a better word. We have the mustangs in the back yard, but now have two new additions. One of them is rather low maintenance mustang named Sansa and the other is a much higher maintenance Percheron named Samson. Samson is having a bit of a rough go right now because we had to have to his pecker lopped off.

Why pray tell would you lop of your horses pecker you might ask? If you look at the picture below you’ll see why. If it’s not immediately visible look at it a bit, you’ll notice that he does not in fact have 5 legs and that other leg is actually his pecker dangling down. At some point in his life he was kicked in the groonies and it severed the ligament that allows him to retract his pecker into the sheath, this left it dangling there and knocking against his knees and stuff and rather unattractive. So couple weeks ago we took him up to the Auburn, AL University Large Animal Hospital and they lopped it off for us. The severed member weighed in at an astonishing six pounds !!!! Check out the pics, that angry looking sea cucumber was once his dangling pecker. They also gelded him for his and his nads weighed in at two pounds each. So yeah… each day and night I get to tend to his surgical sites and make sure he’s doing alright… which it’s touch and go right now and I think he might have an infection so I’ll be calling the vet today. Anyhow, here’s some pics of Samson and his pecker.

So yeah, for the past couple of weeks he has been the focal point of things around here and everything else has sort of taken a back burner spot. We’ve made the trip up to Auburn enough times with him I can just about do it without the GPS, there’s just one turn that’s hard to find. And for those wondering, yes this is actually a thing, it’s called a Phallectomy.

Now that we’re caught up with the ponies, let’s dabble in some 3D printing.

To be honest I’m a bit chapped with this at the moment. Siraya Tech has jacked up their resin prices to where it’s no longer cost effective to use and I am now in the process of finding a resin I like that isn’t $30+ a 1L bottle. The idea is to make money, not blow it all on supplies.

So what I’ve been working on the meantime is making some models and experimenting with some resin from Rich Opto which I think I’ve used before, or at least one of their resins and did a review on here about. I’m on the edge with it, curing time is longer and I need to use heavier supports in order to get the models to stick. This slows things down which once again cuts into the profit margin. Might be a toss up if I can get the settings right and the resin stays cheap. We shall see. Right now I’ve got some Soviet artillery printing that I realized I needed for my army that I am playing in the Firestorm campaign that started this week at the local game store.

In the picture below are the 2S1 Carnation, 2S3 Acacia, 2S7 Pion, 2S9 Nona, 2S14 Halo, 2S19 MSTA, BM-21 Hail, and the BM-27 Hurricane. I’ll also be printing up some more of the TOS-1 Burratino’s because you can never have enough Thermobaric Rocket Launchers. The need for all of the artillery is to try a theory against an enemy that’s really hard to hit and I’m thinking if I can hit it directly, why not rain down enough ordinance that I can hit it indirectly?

Work also continues on the “Obscure Objective” series and I’ll get some pics of both models being developed and models already printed and painted once I get a moment to scratch my arse.

So there ya are, just a quick little update on life in general. Not sure when I will get back to shooting videos, I so want to and I have so many ideas and with the horses there’s now so many other options and projects it’s insane. Just have to play it by ear and see how things go. We’ve got enough people staffed at work so things should return to something resembling “normal” here in the very near future.

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