Getting back into it…

So yesterday on my day off I was able to shoot a little video for reviewing some of the new leather working tools I’ve purchased. You’ve seen most of these already laid out in this spread here:

After using them for a while now I can give my honest review of them so I figured why not spread things on the floor and start shooting a video. Anyone who knows me, knows that I absolutely love to sit on the floor and work on things, it’s just a habit for me no matter what. I’m a master of using my knee for the sewing machine pedal as well as power tools and more.

So in the video I’ll be reviewing the various punches and cutters in the pic above, not all of them, but the 3 big sets. I’ll also show you what I feel are the very basic tools you need/should have for doing leather projects or at the very least, following Tony’s video tutorials and patterns.

And with that, once I was finished shooting the video which I will dub tomorrow, I sat about and worked on a few projects.

That mask comes from a template I followed from Fellow Makers which I have listed on the Leathercraft. Here’s the tutorial and the pattern is available on their site:

And then there’s my wife’s new purple mask to match her hair and everything else:

I apologize now for the wonky lighting, still working on getting things situated indoors to shoot videos and pics.

THEN, after the video, the Samurai Mempo, and my wife’s mask…. I worked on my new Pork Pie Hat some more and got it finished:

The leather is 5-6oz brown pullup and the cards came from a deck I purchased on Amazon specifically for this project since they had the vintage look I wanted… you can snag them here: and same for the little amber coloured vials:

The goggles were pretty straightforward and the lenses were made from a 2 litre bottle I cut up since I wanted something different and the green of the bottle was perfect for this. So that finishes up that hat, now to make the matching mask which I’m almost finished with but sadly…. my time is coming to end…

No I’m not dying… I’m just getting ready to do a 3 day stint of overnight shifts at work so I’m not sure how I will feel or what motivation I will have to do anything with.