Getting Back to 3D Printing As Well – Doctor Who Style

So now that I am officially on lock down for at least 3-14 days while I wait for my test results to come back I figured it’s time to start putting some things in motion. There’s a lot of project that I can do without actually having to put my hands on them and they can run seamlessly in the background while I do other things. Enter the 3D printers.

I’ve got 1 printer up and running right now, the DaVinci Duo which runs great with PLA. I’m going to pull out the Aurora A5 and see what’s wrong with it and get it fixed as well, it’s great with ABS, PLA, and Polycarb. Then I’ve got the makings to either rebuild my Anet A8 or build something totally custom and new with a much larger build capacity.

Anyway, the point is, I’ve got time and I’ve got 3D printers so why not crank out some models that I can work on and fill up my Doctor Who collection some more?

I know I’ve mentioned the group over on Facebook that I’m a part of where I buy many of my awesome models. Well recently we’ve FINALLY gotten a modeler to crank out some Doctor Who models, and he’s doing an awesome job of it. They’re all in the Disney Infinity style so they’re a bit cartoon like but I’m loving them. Right now I’ve got the 4th, 12th, and 13th Doctors, as well as a Zygon and Davros. At $7.00 a piece that’s a deal compared to what some modelers charge for lower quality work.

So yeah, here’s a pic of some of them, think I forgot to add the 4th Doctor in this group but I have him also.

I think these will go nicely on the shelves or perhaps a whole new set of shelves near my desk in the bedroom, we’ll see. Right now I’ve got one of the posters with that vintage style Ironside Dalek hanging next to me that says – To Victory… so there’s room for more Who in my space lol.

And who knows what else I’ll print, there’s a whole wide world of things out there I can make !!!