Handle’s brother Tote

The wife and I were watching The Time of The Doctor a while back and I decided I wanted to take a stab at making a prop similar to Handles That being said, here’s the model I used: Cybermen Scale Helmet (High Res) by Geoffro: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1904517 And here’s where I’m at yesterday, didn’t grab a pic of it today which has him coated in primer. More progress pics of Tote… almost done with the build and looking forward to getting some lighting done inside of it. Here he is getting his decades of abuse carved in. Used my dremel for most of it. Couple coats of gap filling primer to help smooth things out. You can really see the rivet heads and damage in this pic. For the “repair” plates I just modeled a couple of plates and printed them out thin and heat formed them over the areas I wanted to cover and super-glued them in place. The rivet heads were 3D printed as well and glued in place to give the look of pop rivet repairs. Onto the silver paint, used a Bright Aluminum paint to cover the whole thing. Here we have some discolouration I did using a brown leather dye. More weathering accomplished by brushing black paint on and then wiping it off. I’ve also got the base inserted which holds all the dangly wires together. For the larger danglies I went to Home Depot and got some flexible conduit that came with wires ran through it and those cool looking ends. Few more things to do to finish this stage of the build and then onto the lighting. One of the final things I wanted to do was to light him up, this was accomplished by simply attaching a battery powered glow stick to the central shaft inside his head, the results were perfect and until such time as I get skilled enough to give him a voice it’s a done deal.