Hellboy II The Golden Army: Tooth Fairy

My wife is an incredibly hard person to shop for when it comes to her birthday or Christmas but this year, for her birthday, she told me she wanted something and I set out to make it. Odd I know but that’s my wife.

We recently watched both Hellboy movies and she told me she wanted a Tooth Fairy, thanks to McKrats on Thingiverse, I was able to print her one and get right to work on it. You can get the model for it here on Thingiverse: Hellboy Toothfairy by McKrats

The print went flawlessly and I was able to lay all the pieces out on my Anet and print them in about 7 hours. Assembly was a cinch except for the legs where they attach to the body. Takes a bit of patience and skill to get them all situated the way you want AND so it sits level on all four legs. The wings are going to be finished out with some off white, almost fleshy looking tissue paper I have in the shop and the whole thing will be hit with some gap filling primer once I have a day off. As you can see in the pics there’s still a couple of small areas to clean up but all in all it’s just about ready for her.