I made something I shouldn’t have…. and other goodies

There are things in games for a reason, and things not in games for a reason…. and I think I made one of those things that shouldn’t be in the game. Well more to the point, can’t feasibly be in the game.

Measuring in at over 13 meters long and 47 tons, with a 203mm main gun, the 2S7 Pion is touted as the most powerful conventional artillery system in the world. And rightly so. Capable of firing conventional and rocket assisted ammunition in the HE, Chemical, Frag, and Nuke categories at a range of up to 55km it’s a “reach out and touch someone” kind of weapon.

In regards to the game, it’s not very practical because due to the actual limitations of the real world artillery piece, the 2S7 Pion has a MINIMUM range of 5km or 5,000,000mm, now that’s 1:1 scale… for 1:100 scale we need to do some jiggery pokery and that figures out to about 50,000mm or for the less civilized, that’s roughly 1969 inches or 164 feet… that’s the MINIMUM range. This is based on the limitations of the hydraulics themselves, not to mention, given the sheer size of this machine, I would surmise that any higher of an angle would send the arse end of the chassis so far into the ground it would never be found.

So yeah, neat thing to have, neat thing to make, not so neat thing for the game….

Now onto something neat that you can actually use in the game and the models exist for, just not in the right scale… the SU-25 Frogfoot. As I’ve been told the Frogfoot and other aircraft in the Team Yankee game are made at 1:144 scale so they’re much smaller than need be, and I was asked if I could make them at 1:100 scale.

So off to YouTube I went to learn how to make the organic shapes required to build the fuselage. All in all, it lacks some details but still delivers the look and feel of the Soviet’s version of the A-10.

And that wraps up another week of “As the Hammer and Sickle Turns”. Getting ready for the new stuff to drop next month… stoked for the Shock Troops.


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