In Plane Sight

So the wife and I decided that keeping my hand planes in the house was a no-go… so sadly they are being moved out into the shop and even sadder is that I don’t have anywhere to properly put them or display them.

So for a quick little project today after running around to various places to get my clearance letter for work… I made a shelf for some of my planes.

This is going to be for my Post WWII Defiance Hand Planes and it’s a simple little build made from a piece of plywood for the backer board, covered in some cool red fabric. The shelves are made from cedar and rubbed down with Howard’s Feed and Wax… I love the smell of that stuff lol.

So yeah, that’s it, quick and simple. It hangs on the wall via a French cleat so it can be moved around if I so choose but for now I like it right there.