Jewelry Coming VERY soon – UPDATED

With my wife Kristy jumping on the crafting bandwagon, we’re going to be offering our own take on jewelry to include pendants, necklaces, earrings, matched sets, and whatever else we can make with out little hands.

Here’s just a sample of something I cobbled together to showcase the detail of the Elegoo Mars SLA Printer and as an example of a matched necklace and earring set.

Nice little Gothic Cross design set on a leather and lace necklace. The earrings have stainless steel hooks to help prevent allergic reactions. The crosses themselves are 3D printed from ABS resin.

Kristy already has around 20 or more pieces for me to photograph and get on the site so bear with me, it’s gonna take me a bit to get things reset for taking product images to show off just how pretty her pretties are.

UPDATED 8-26-20: Here’s some pics of the first batch, going to take more pics to get better shots of the pendants themselves as I noticed you really can’t see the detail in most of these…

And if I’m not mistaken she has even MORE ready for me to get pictures of to load up on the site. I think I’ve created a monster…. one I’m happy to feed.

You’ll be able to view these items here: Jewelry once I get them all listed and better pics taken of the pendants which I will be working on shortly.

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