Just a quick update…

So it’s back to work after my little 3 day weekend but that doesn’t exactly mean things suddenly come to a screeching halt, to the contrary, they just kind of slow down to a nice easy roll. Being bi-polar I tend to wander from project to project anyhow so when I come home from work I like to have several things sitting on my desk to “putter” with ( the wife hates that word ). So here’s a pic of what I’m presently puttering with… well stuff that’s within arms reach ( there’s literally a dozen more things not readily handy I’m working on ):

What we’ve got are some custom designed Jester Skull Bottle Stoppers set on top of some of little bottles I printed in black then painted black and painted even more for an aged look if that makes any sense. The label for the one in the back says “Laughing Gas” which I found appropriate for some reason. There’s also a second stopper and bottle I’m working on but haven’t finished yet and I am prolly going to label that one “Death’s Breath” because my son thinks it would be funny because we all play Diablo III and that’s one of the things you can find in the game.

The next thing on the mirror is an M270 MLRS for the Team Yankee game. The original model for this lacked a LOT of detail, wasn’t to scale, wouldn’t print right, and didn’t seem to go together right no matter what I did. So I redesigned it using parts from other vehicles that had similar chassis designs and fixtures on the body. The missile turret got a revamp from the original as well in order to offer both a stowed position for traveling and a deployed position for firing.

And finally, I know you’re all wanting to know about the sexy little cat lady in the back. That’s Ann Takamaki and I couldn’t even begin to tell you anything about her or what she’s from. I liked the model so I got it and printed her out. The model comes from a Facebook group I’m part of that uses crowdfunding to pay modelers to create models. There’s a lot of talented modelers out there and some of these models are just stunning. So many models, so little time. I’m hoping with the SLA printers working at full steam I will be able to get around to printing more of these out in the near future.

So there you have it. These projects will be worked on over the weekend and finished before I have a day off next week and the process will start all over again unless I see something shiny that distract me like SQUIRREL !!!

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