Learning Box Joints in a Day

In my exploration of woodworking and expanding my knowledge of joinery I got onto YouTube and learned how to make box joints thanks to David Picciuto:

I found this video really easy to follow and allowed me to not only make myself a simple dedicated table saw sled for box joints, but also to make my first attempt at box joints a success !!!

Now I ended up making another attempt that came out even better after a minor tweak that was suggested in the above video. I’ll have to get a pic of the modification I made to the sled as well that will allow me to make adjustments in the future to perhaps allow for different size fingers.

Now on my next day off or perhaps my next block of days off I will try to make some neat boxes using this style of joinery that I learned in a day !!!

Now something else I’m going to try is to expand on this tool so I can make even more box joints in different sizes and for that I’m going to follow something that Drew Fisher did here: