Leather Working Resource Page Update

So after my trip to the hospital I find myself stuck at home on bedrest for the next 4 days as I recover. Anyone who knows me knows that I can’t just sit still so the next best thing it to blog and work on small projects that won’t stress me out and will actually help me rest.

That being said I took a bit of time tonight to work on a quick update on the Leatherworking resource page. There’s not links to my online leather suppliers I trust and use frequently as well as the first of the tutorials and pattern resources I’ve been using as of late. So go give it a quick look if you want to get started on leatherworking.

It’s something that be started for less than $50.00 by going to your local Hobby Lobby !!! How crazy is that ??? There’s not many crafts that you can get into for under $50 and start making items for yourself or to sell… there’s some but not many.

Here’s a link to the resource page which I will add to more over the next few days since working in the shop is going to be strictly off limits.

Leather Working Resource Page