Let the Holy War Begin !!!

Well not really but it makes more sense then fighting over oil. You guessed it, time for another army build. This time we’re working on the Israeli Defense Force for Team Yankee’s Oil Wars sub-game I guess you could call it? Here’s a link to the site with all the juicy stuff about it:


So yeah, check that out… it’s compatible with the TY rules and gives you something different to fiddle with. I went with the Israeli because I already have a very large Warsaw Pact force and there’s already a very large NATO following so we needed something different to mix it all up.

The bulk of this build is the M113 Armored Transport and several variants as follows:

  • M113 Transport for the Mech Infantry
  • M106a1 Mortar
  • M125a1 Mortar
  • M163 VADS – Vulcan AA
  • M577 – Used for the HQ Unit but not specifically carded in the game.
  • M901a1 ITV – Improved Tow Vehicle for the TOW options
  • M981a1 FIST – For the observer unit for the M109 Howitzers

Right there is a butt ton of tracks, nowhere near as bad as the Soviet BMP hordes but a close runner up. Some of the models are used just to keep things tidy looking.

Now, one good thing about this part of the force, is with a 3D printer you can bang them out pretty easily and for free ( well aside from your resin ). Here are the links to some on Thingiverse with the bulk of the variants coming from that first link:

Coming up next has to be the heart and soul of the army… the Merkava MK I and MKII’s. These bad boys are big, bad, and beautiful and the point cost makes them a nice juicy addition to any Israeli force. Here’s the first three of my painted MK I’s:

Coming up with some more support for the army is the mysterious Pereh Guided Missile thingy-ma-jigger. Kept a secret for something like 10+ years this bad boy is disguised as a tank and launches guided missiles at stuff to make it go away !!! Here’s a pic of my unit, these are the models produced by Battlefront Miniatures for the Team Yankee game and are made up of resin and metal parts ( yes, they’re quite heavy as well ):

Continuing with the support section will be 12 M109 Self Propelled Howitzers, this is where that M981a1 FIST will come in handy by spotting for them.

For air support we’ll be getting some AH-1 Cobra’s and A-4 Skyhawks to help provide some cover fire for the troops and tracks while also hitting a few of those hardened targets on the field. Now I just have to figure out how to get the Fremen to fit into this… you know, the Fremen…

I’ve still got quite a few things to print and paint for this army such as the jeeps and infantry but it’s coming along nicely and I’m really looking forward to seeing it all finished and spread out on the battlefield one day soon.


UPDATE 12-15-20: So I was fortunate enough to get a 4 day weekend and took full advantage of it by working on things around the house that needed to be tended to and….. working on my Team Yankee armies, in particular, the Israeli’s.

This is what I have painted thus far, there’s still 9 more M109’s, 4 TOW Jeeps, turrets for the 113 mortar carriers, and I still need to print and paint the 8 AH-1 Cobra’s for added air support. Then, when that’s done, I get to do the infantry, luckily they’re not as plentiful as the Soviet infantry so that won’t be a problem.

So here we go:

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