More Custom Miniatures for 3D Printing

Oh I know it’s been a while, trust me I know. But between work, the horses, requests, and of course, let’s not forget work… it’s been challenging to keep things going smoothly.

That is not to say however I haven’t had time to work on odd things here and there, to the contrary, I have a literal metric shit-ton of stuff all over the place presently that’s being worked on bit by bit as time and supplies allow.

So enough of the bullshit excuses, yes, I’m lazy I know… check this out though:

These are some miniatures I made for use with 28mm games as either proxies or something else, who knows. I know of one game right now that the folks are play testing and seem to be using a lot of different minis and these would fit right in that game…. somewhere…

Then there’s this lass, the first of a cyberpunk type line of 28mm miniatures:

Kinda neat isn’t she ??? Hint of sexy with a whole lot of boom, which I think adds to the sexy.

So yeah, there’s these minis I am working on presently to try and get enough made up of that I can either sell the STL’s and make money that way OR print them and sell them. And to be honest, I am not a huge fan of mailing shit so I’m seriously thinking of just selling the STL files.

Another thing I whipped up by request was an objective marker for the 28mm game Warhammer 40k:

She was actually inspired by someone’s artwork that was sent to me:

So I took it and ran with it, and as one friend mentioned, there’s all kinds of cease and desist stuff going on with that if they wanted to… but until then, it exists and it’s there.

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