New Idle Hands Workshop Swag Available !!!

In preparation of the launch of my all new YouTube channel which will probably start sometime tomorrow, I decided to go ahead and take some time after work today and knock out some swag for you all to enjoy.

Check it out here on TeeSpring:

And why would I do this you might ask?

As I mentioned before I plan to follow in the footsteps of other makers who do not accept sponsorships from companies and instead rely on their audiences for support on their projects. I feel this is a smart model to follow as it gives me the freedom to tell you honestly whether or not something is great or if it’s really crap without fear of my funding getting yanked by a sponsor that wasn’t happy when I reviewed their product.

I also like the idea of not being forced to use one product or another or not having certain products in the same screenshots as others. Add to that I want to focus on enjoying myself in the shop and teaching what I know and learn along the way with everyone who chooses to follow along. I want this to be fun for everyone.

So… if you want to kick over a few bucks, buy a shirt or sticker or follow me on Patreon when I get it setup. Every bit of money I make will go right into the shop, the projects, materials, and everything else needed to make this better for everyone.

Will I go broke and wind up on the streets if you don’t give me money? Nope, I have a decent enough job I enjoy which gives me a wee bit of money to spend in the shop but there are tools and materials I would love to get my hands on and make bigger and better things and show/teach you how to do it as well. Toss in the fact I’ve got a knack for getting things way below retail just by shopping around or hitting yard sales and flea markets, you can bet that your donations will go quite a long way in making this endeavor the best it can be.

And with that, I’m gonna go grab me something to nom on and snuggle up with my hot purple haired wifey for a while and relax… tomorrow is a whole new day and it starts with tidying up the shop !!!