New Nightmare Video…

This video… let’s talk about this video…

First, it’s Episode Thirteen which should have been an omen right there. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong. Both cameras died on me while recording so there’s lost footage, sound equipment wasn’t fully charged so no sound except from the cameras which was more background noise than anything else.

So what you have is an hour of me cobbling together a leather slip cover for one of my paperback books, “The Pocket Havamal” which I carry around with me from time to time and when I get bored or feel the need to ground myself I open up and read a couple of verses.

The leather slip cover just adds a nice layer of protection to it and gives a cool look. I did some simple tooling on it which I demonstrate in the video. My tooling skills need a lot of brushing up on, it’s been decades since I did any hardcore tooling and it shows.

I made this cover from 4-6oz vegetable tanned leather and if you follow along the video you’ll get the idea of how to make your own. I made sure to leave the video as it was since there’s no actual template. The reason being is each book is going to be different. In a nutshell here’s what you need to in order to make your own slip covers:

  • Trace the book outline on the BACKSIDE of the leather you’re going to be using to make the outer shell with.
  • Using a ruler add about 1/4″ to 3/8″ all the way around the line you just made to allow for stitching later on.
  • Cut it out
  • Trace out the inner two flaps
  • Glue the flaps to the outer shell
  • Mark and punch holes
  • Stitch it all together
  • Slip the book in and you’re done

If I lost you, just watch the video, the hardest part is honestly getting the book in there, just be patient, take your time and it will fit in just fine and be snug and secure.

All that said, I apologize for the nightmare video and I promise episode 14 will be more on par with what I’ve been doing… not sure what it will be, but it will be better lol.

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