New Resources Page

So insomnia kicked in… or that spicy sauce I ate, one or the other got me up early so I decided to sit down for a few and kick off the new resources archive. This will not only help me find stuff on the interwebs more easily, but should also be of use to people looking to learn more as I do.

There’s literally next to nothing there at this moment but you can expect more to come as I go through all my links and notepads I have laying around. I’ll try to keep all of the links fresh and up to date as many of the links will be ones I use frequently.

I’ve got a short day at work and after that some web work to do for a client then I think I might flesh out some more of the archive which will drastically cut down on the number of links stored in my browser.

You can access the new resources page by clicking the MENU link in the top right of any page on the site and selecting it from the dropdown menu, or if you’re like me and just want a link in this post to click, here you go.