New Videos Coming Soon !!!

After some recent health issues and odd work hours I’m making a hardcore effort to get back to making AT LEAST one video a week if not more. I have one I need to edit this week, probably tomorrow and get it uploaded so there’s that one, but I have others to make… so many others to make lol.

Some of the ideas I have for upcoming videos are:

  • Step by Step hand plane restoration MY WAY
  • Cheap Leather Working Tool ShootoutDONE
  • Rat Rod School Desk Restoration ( this one is in the car at the moment )
  • Basic Leather Tooling
  • 3D Printed Leather Stamps
  • 3D Printed Wargame Miniatures
  • Leather Book SleevesDONE
  • How to Stamp Leather with DIY 3D Printed Stamps
  • 3D Printed Wood Working Tools and Accessories
  • Several build videos of Wood Projects and Leather Projects
  • Possibly the installation of the ceiling in my workshop
  • Cosplay projects for my wife and myself ( super excited for these )
  • and many many more…

So there’s a basic list of things I want to do at the moment and is rolling around inside my melon. Each of those videos can lead to more so there’s literally an endless supply of ideas, just wish the amount of time I have available was as limitless.

I’ve also hopefully upgraded my camera to something better than my cell phone, if not, I’ll keep using my cell phone, it works just fine.

Given the state of my crappy interwebs it might be Saturday that the video becomes available on YouTube but I will get it edited and loaded up tomorrow for sure. Please keep checking back and I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

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