Pepper Potts Extremis Cosplay for Menja

Another cosplay project for my wife has been the Pepper Potts Extremis build featuring the right arm of the Iron Man suit which she rips off the attacking suit and kills what’s his name with. Printing the arm has been pretty straightforward and aside from a couple of printer problems is still going along. At this point all that’s left to print is the upper arm and lens for the repulsor then it’s onto the very simple clothing parts. One thing we have noticed is that my wife is itty bitty and her fingers don’t fit all the way in the hand pieces so what I’ve done is glued them to a glove and glued the first two joints of each finger together. To fill in the gaps I think I’ll pull something out of the scrap bin and stick it in the voids to give it a much fuller look. Painting was done with Cherry Red Metallic automotive paint I got from the parts store and battle damage was done with a lighter and heat gun. Not to bad looking in my book. More pics will follow once I get more done on it.