Printing for the Swarm

Once again my 40k friends have decided that they need an army and this time it just happens to be the Pantstealers ( inside joke but you can figure it out if you’re clever ).

Kicking off the project we head on over to Thingiverse and see what’s lurking around there, and surprisingly there’s a fair amount of stuff to shred marines with:

Hive Guard:

Xeno Tyant Guard:

Horde Warden:

Tyranid Zoanthrope:



Alien Thief:


And the list goes on, there’s literally way more things to kill marines on here than is actually needed.

And kicking off the fun is what I’m going to assume is the latest rendition of the Carnifex… because everyone loves these cuddly little guys.

So with one of the 3 Carnifex’s finished I set about working on the 6 Biovores ( Piovore from the link above ) and 18 of the spores to randomly float about the field.

Everything finished was given a few coats of gap filling primer and delivered to my friend.

Next in line are the 5 Hive Guard he is asking for… along with Carnifex #2 of 3…